scmpuff makes working with git from the command line quicker by substituting numeric shortcuts for filenames.


scmpuff gives you a sweet replacement for git status, which by default is aliased to gs.

This shows you numbers which you can use in the place of filenames with any wrapped git command (or the handy bundled shortcuts). You can even mix in numeric ranges, e.g. git add 2 3-5.

For more info check out the FAQ on GitHub.

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Getting Started

scmpuff is currently tested in bash and zsh. It's written with cross-platform support in mind, so more should be coming soon.

Download for your platform, then copy the binary to /usr/local/bin or somewhere else in your default $PATH.

Run scmpuff init for instructions on how to activate in your shell, or scmpuff intro for some pointers on getting started.

…Psst Mac-user, Got Homebrew? Then you can just brew install scmpuff instead.

Share and Enjoy

scmpuff is free and open source, like most good things in life. :beers:

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